Hey all, firstly a thanks goes out to everyone who is supporting our great HTML5 website, today we are glad to announce that our first HTML 5 template is ready, while the complete HTML 5 reference is not yet complete we have managed to come up with this great template, Yes it is very basic but at the same time it does meet Valid HTML 5 standards. (basic HTML knowledge is required, we have several html tutorials around our site that should help you on your way, our forums will be up in the next few days so if you need help try our forums.)

Free HTML 5 Template

Free HTML 5 Template

Please note this was to be a rough draft as an example to show off rather than a downloadable HTML5 template, however it came out quite well and we feel you will learn a great deal about HTML 5 just by viewing this code, it is very simple as mentioned before that said it is often best to learn from the ground up so rather that coming up with something no one will understand straight of the bat we decided to allow the general public to download and use our new HTML 5 template.

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You may download from here: (Sorry about the mirrors, but with so many downloads almost instantly we have had to use a 3rd party file host until we find a website sponsor)

If you need more mirrors please use our comment system for now, until our html 5 forums are active, Thanks