A big talking point of the upcoming (Hyper Text Markup Language) HTML5 is the implementation of native audio, As you should already know if you visit a website or are using web based applications in order to play the Audio content you need to have installed a 3rd party application “Adobe Flash Player” sometimes this can cause some grief to webmasters and web designers, don’t get me wrong Adobe flash player is without a doubt the best 3rd party plugin for supporting audio,video and streaming content.

HTML5 / HTML 5 is about to change the way we go about implementing Audio into websites and apps with this tag= <audio> this new tag will enable us to play Audio natively from your preferred browser, we are still a while away from all browsers supporting HTML 5 however you can use the Safari browser which is already taking advantage of html 5.

  • <span>src</span> – a valid URL specifying the content source.
  • <span>autobuffer</span> – a boolean specifying whether the file is to be buffered in advance.
  • <span>autoplay</span> – a boolean specifying whether the file should play as soon as it can.
  • <span>loop</span> – a boolean specifying whether the file should be repeatedly played.
  • <span>controls</span> – a boolean that if set tells the browser to display its default media controls.

As you will notice from the above attributes, these tags usually control video content, this is a great move forward many sites rely on Audio within their websites, not everyone has adobe flash installed this can often lead to a higher bounce rate. Anyhow we will keep you posted on this matter.