Lets have a look at the structure of a HTML 5 website, as many of you will be familiar with the content management dubbed “WordPress” we will emulate a basic 2 column HTML 5 web page.

The picture below represents how a HTML 4 page would look.

html4 structure div HTML structure

HTML 4 structure

And the picture below represents how a HTML 5 page would look.

html5 structure div1 HTML structure

HTML 5 structure

As you can see above the page is very simple yet also very clean, HTML 5 has plenty of new elements which effectively make it easier to structure pages and also helps browsers have more control as to how the web pages are displayed. Once all the big named browsers are compatible with HTML 5 you should notice faster loading times, easier navigation and much richer content.

We will create a tutorial for the above layout shortly so that you can get a grip on the new coding.

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