Today we would like to showcase a couple of new HTML 5 Canvas Examples, the first canvas example is that of  Super Mario bros as pictured below:

mario New Canvas Examples

HTML 5 canvas example - Super Mario Bros

To see a live preview of this please CLICK HERE. Isn’t it just amazing to see were the future of HTML 5 is heading.

Another Canvas example this time showcasing a First Person Shooter using HTML 5 canvas elements again pictured below:

3d fps New Canvas Examples

HTML 5 canvas - Fisrt Person Shooter

To see a live preview of this example CLICK HERE.

AS HTML 5 is still a work in progress we here at HTML 5 Tutorial are still trying to get a grip on the upcoming canvas elements and properties, so please bare with us as we are in the process of creating some HTML 5 canvas tutorials, these should be ready in the coming weeks, so bookmark us and check back soon.

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