We are getting a few emails with people asking if they should learn HTML 5 so today we will try to clear a few things up. As you know HTML 5 is going to be the next installment in Hyper Text Markup Language, this is quite a leap forward in terms of what has changed in the last five or so years, currently HTML 4.01 is the standard HTML being used and it wasn’t all that much of a change since upgrading from the previous HTML 2.0.

HTML 5 is going to be he next biggest thing since sliced bread(pardon my lame phrase it’s getting late) the new standard of code is going to allow for website developers, web masters and newcomers to create rich feature packed websites, not only websites in general HTML 5 can even be used to make desktop applications, online applications.

If your even slightly interested in making websites or applications then you really should learn HTML 5, the code itself is not all that different from the current code, all tho as this is a huge update to Hyper Text Markup Language there are plenty of new features and a whole lot of extra coding, it may sound a little scary at the moment as there are not many sites actually using HTML 5 this will start to change in the coming months. The reason not many sites are using HTML 5 already is due to the fact that only 2 out of about 20 different browsers can understand the new HTML 5 markup, In the coming weeks we will be making an HTML 5 website so that you can see just what it is capable of (you will need to download the Safari browser in order to view our HTML 5 examples).

We will be adding HTML 5 tutorials every few days so please come back shortly and you can learn HTML 5 with us.