HTML 5 is to be the new standard of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) HTML 5 has been on the drawing boards to quite some time now all tho it seemed like it was to far into the future to start worrying about now, that said we are getting ever closer to HTML 5 being a common practice amongst webmasters.

Some people believe that HTML 5 coding is only being introduced to make browsers manufacturers (browser/ software companies) while other webmasters see this as a great step forward to being able to develop more powerful multimedia. HTML 5 will change the way we work with general HTML as the soon to be standard code is not just a markup from HTML 4 but more that of a new language, HTML will make life easier for everyone including not just browser manufactures but also developers, there are already some example JavaScript applications and APIs using the upcoming HTML5 code.

Most HTML based websites are using HTML 4 as we speak but this will start to change over the coming months and years, up until now the HTML code has hardly evolved from HTML 2.0 only some issues were addressed with the release of HTML 4 along with a small amount of new code references, HTML 5 is based from HTML 4 but in it’s own right it will be completely different and will change the way your browsers render websites on your PC screen, HTML 5 will rely heavily on JavaScript, should you have JavaScript turned off the website / pages are unlikely to render correctly.

Please check back soon as we will have a more detailed look into the new code.