Whether you like the standard or not, HTML5 seems to be gaining a great deal of popularity and support. The upcoming Window 8 program will provide extensive support for HTML5. But it can be challenging and sometimes difficult to produce sites which are compatible with HTML5. To help with this situation, there are tools to assist developers. One of the best is called HTML5 boilerplate. Let’s talk more about this and how it can help.

HTML5 boilerplate contains a number of helpful templates which incorporates HTML, CSS, and JS to enable designers to produce fast and robust websites. It helps you to interface with HTML5 video and different fonts.

This tool can really help designers and developers to get their websites fully operational and compatible with this new standard.

Some of the features available with HTML5 boilerplate include cross browser compatibility (including IE6, IE7, and IE8). It also offers Modernizr support as well as Google analytics support. The tool can also help to optimize mobile browsers. And CDN hosted jQuery with a local fallback script is available as well.

This tool is available in three options. They include Boilerplate Documented, Boilerplate Stripped, and Boilerplate Custom.

The Boilerplate documented option includes a .zip file which contains the skeleton code which is needed to get started building an HTML5 site with documentation included, built in jQuery CDN support, CSS, caching and other features. The Boilerplate stripped version has the same components but removes comments. And the Boilerplate Custom enables you to build a custom site skeleton with full control of what gets added or removed.

If you seek further details and support related to HTML5 boilerplate, there is a great deal available throughout the Web. Simply type in an appropriate search terms related to this topic and you’ll be presented with many sites which allow you to download the tools as well as extensive documentation and assistance in using these tools effectively.

If you visit some relevant forums, you will also find a great deal of information and support there as well. There are many ways to improve your knowledge of and effectiveness in HTML5 utilization.

So whether you are a Web developer or just someone who is looking to get involved in HTML5 implementation, the code generated by the HTML5 boilerplate can really help to bring your projects along quickly and effectively. You can find many tips and tricks to help with this implementation and help ensure that your pages are completely HTML5 compliant.

These tools can go a long way towards enhancing the implementation and adoption of this flexible and powerful web standard. View this HTML5 tool here…