DOM storage is a term you will have to get used to, The new HTML 5 code is finally supporting offline storage, this is somewhat a much more advanced version of what is typically known as today as cookies, HTML 5 & DOM storage will allow for offline storage up to 5mb which is much higher than current cookies permit.(read the full article below)

The new storage solution will rely on client-side scripting that will make it possible to exclude server side access, this means that web servers can not directly write to DOM storage which will provide much faster websites and at the same time reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to access a website. Session storage and local storage are the main two new inclusions, Local storage is per website it will be available to all scripts from the websites which originally stored the data persists after the browser is shut down or the session is closed. On the other hand we have session storage which will utilize Per Page Per Window(PPPW for short) this will be limited to the time span where the current window is open (once this window is shut the the storage session will be invalid) this will allow for different sessions to be run at the one time under different windows, you may have noticed that this is not currently available to us under current HTML 4 / PHP based websites.

We will address this new storage solution is good time, while the above is brief it does however show a great insight to what will be possible in the future. Again please bookmark our site or subscribe to our Rss Feed to keep up to date on all the latest HTML 5 information.